Community Meeting About Arts Education

Community Conversation on Arts Education


November 9, 2017 - 6:00 pm


November 9, 2017 - 8:00 pm


Hammond Hall, Winter Harbor   View map




Join us at Hammond Hall for a Community Conversation about Arts Education in our schools and at Schoodic arts for All.

As an inclusive alliance the Maine Alliance for Arts Education (MAAE) has long encouraged community/school partnerships, both for advocacy and for increased student arts education opportunities.  The school funding process this year has given us an important opportunity to make these local partnerships happen. A revised state application for state funding, which every Maine school district is being asked to submit by the end of the school year, is based on ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), the federal education legislation that replaced No Child Left Behind. The new application not only offers increased opportunities for school funding for arts education, but also brings the community, along with other stakeholders (including teachers) into the district’s decision-making process.
   The meetings we are planning this fall, which will be hosted by community arts organizations around the state, will not only let community members know about the revised district application for state funding and get them (and the teachers) into the loop about their district’s decision-making process; they will also be an important opportunity to establish school/community connections, which hopefully will become a basis for ongoing community involvement in and support for arts education in area schools.
Drawing on our statewide Advocacy Day experience at the capitol, our meeting will begin with arts education exhibits at tables… student music (performed in the background) and food. And the “meetings” themselves… which we may call community conversations… will not only include Susan Potter’s talk about the new legislation and the opportunities it offers for funding and community input… we’d also love to hear from local arts students about what the arts mean in their lives, and from arts teachers about the successes and challenges of arts education in their districts.



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