Festival Instructors

Chessie, Chris

Festival Instructor

Chessie, Martha

Basket Weaving Instructor

Clark, Leanne

Festival Instructor

Coburn, Amanda

Amanda Coburn - Metalsmith - Maine Jewelry & Art Gallery and Studios at 100 Harlow Street in Bangor, Maine

Fields, Zachary

Festival Instructor

Hathaway, Lucinda

Watercolor Instructor

Heath O’Brien, Wendilee

Festival Instructor

My vision is to hold up our most treasured gifts- nature and children celebrating the joy they embody when nurtured.

Henries, Hawk

Festival Instructor

Kearns, Jennifer

Festival Instructor and Art Club Instructor

Festival Instructor

Onuf, Kris

Festival Instructor

Drawing, painting and printmaking instructor.

Peill-Meininghaus, Jessica

Festival Instructor

Jessica is constantly looking for inspiration and seeks out challenges to expand her horizons.

Quinn, Diana

Festival Instructor

Festival Instructor

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The mission of Schoodic Arts for All is to coalesce various artists and community members in an arts center providing year-round cultural events and activities that hold value for residents of our community. To integrate various organizations in our community in order to explore and preserve our cultural heritage. To encourage participants of all ages to express themselves creatively and gain a lifelong appreciation for the arts and creative spirit. To celebrate creativity through a wide range of cultural workshops, events and performances.


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