Peill-Meininghaus, Jessica

Peill-Meininghaus, Jessica

Festival Instructor

Jessica is constantly looking for inspiration and seeks out challenges to expand her horizons.

Jessica was surrounded by art at a very early age. Every lamp had been found at a flea market, their shades recovered with fabric, every piece of oriental rug was put to use in some form or another and this constance of creativity was part of the very fabric of her childhood.

 When she wet-felted her first piece, a ball, at the age of sixteen, she was hooked. After spending time creating wet-felted gnomes and tapestries, Jessica came across needle felting and was suddenly able to lend more detail to her work than ever before. She is constantly looking for inspiration and seeks out challenges to expand her horizons.

 When she’s not felting, she is usually homeschooling three of her four children, cuddling her menagerie of animals, working with children with disabilities, writing and tending to her homestead in Maine.


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Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Felted Greeting Cards 2.5 Hours August 3, 2017
Felted Gnomes 3 Hours August 3, 2017
Needle Felted Clocks 4 Hours August 2, 2017
Needle Felted Ornaments 1.5 Hours August 2, 2017
Felting Pictures with Kids 2 Hours August 2, 2017
Needle Felted Journal Covers 3.5 Hours August 1, 2017


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