Basket Weaving

Round Flying Geese Basket Photo for Web
Shaker Market Basket Photo for Web
Strapped Berry Picker and Bottle Vase Basket Photo for Web


Agateware Pottery and Coloring Clay for page
Animal Face Masks in Clay for page
Clay With Me Parent and Child Pottery Wheel for page
Mermaids and More in Clay Relief for page
Pottery Wheel in Porcelain for page
Sea Creatures in Clay for page
Slam Dunk Pottery for page


Asian Hot Pot Chris Toy for Web for page
Asian Noodles for page
Brewing Basics for the Aspiring Homebrewer for page
British Tea Time for page
Cooking With Sea Vegetables for page
Cooking With Wine for page
Dim Sum (Yum Cha) for page
Downeast Far East Fusion Seafood for page
Hawaiian Cooking for page
International Flatbreads for page


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Stuffed Handmade Pasta for Kids for page


Fun and Funky Fish for page
Jig Saw Fish for page
Polymer Clay Fairy Doors for page
Reclaimed Lumber Art for page
Shell and Driftwood Mobile for page

Community Programs

Singing Circle Community Group
Variable Winds Recorder Group
Festival Yoga with Kris Onuf


Drawing Full Day intensive for page
Sequentail Art Beginnings- Tell a Story in Pictures for page
Tonal Drawing in Charcoal for page


Nuno Felted Scarf Photo for Web
Felted Gnomes for page
Galaxy t Shirt Photo for Page
Japanese Tie-Dyeing for page
Mixed Media Linen Paintings with EmbroideryMixed Media Linen Paintings with Embroidery for page
Needle Felted Animals Cathy Clark for Web
Needle Felted Medallions for page
Silk Scarf Painting Leanne Nickon for Web
What’s Up With Bees?! for page

Jewelry Making

Bezel Settings for Pendants for page
Bezel Settings for Rings for page
Earrings in Silver Clay for page
Intro to Casting Sterling Silver for page
Intro to Metal Jewelry for page
Metal Etching for page
Sawn and Enameled Leaf Jewelry for page
Silver Spoon Ring and Pendant for page
Sterling Silver Spinning Rings for page
Sterling Silver Stacking Ring for page
Torch Fired Enameling for page


Rattle Them Bones for page
Steel Pan for page


Oil Painting - Beginnersfor page
Oil Painting - Still Life for page
Painting Fog for page
Pastel Landscape for page
Plein Air Painting for page


Animal Printmaking for page
Bird Block Printing for page
Carve Stamps and Create Picture-Prints for page
Monotype Print of Your Favorite Animal for page
Painterly Print Making for page
Woodcut Prints (Beginner) for page


Demure Poppet Workshop for page
Fairy and Gnome Homes for page
Stone Sculpture - Tuesday for page


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Stone Sculpture - Wednesday for page


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Stone Sculpture - Friday for page
Stone Sculpture - Saturday for page

Visual Art

Goldsworthying- Nature Based Temporary Art for page
Pebble Nature Pictures for page
Scratch Board for page

Wood Working

Fish Decoy and Fishing Lure for page
Marquetry- Creating Pictures in Wood for page
Miniature Folk Art Animals Photo for Web


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Painted Bird Silhouettes for page
Pyrography for page
Woodturning One for page


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Woodturning Two for page
Woodturning Lidded Box for page


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Woodworking for Kids - Introductory for page


Express Yourseld and Publish for page
Flash Fiction for page
Haiku and Brush Journal Wendilee Heath O'Brien for Web