Maine Arts Commission Award

2018 Maine Arts Commission Award for Community Organization goes to………. Schoodic Arts for All!

The mission of Schoodic Arts for All

To coalesce various artists and community members in an arts center providing year-round cultural events and activities that hold value for residents of our community.

To integrate various organizations in our community in order to explore and preserve our cultural heritage.

To encourage participants of all ages to express themselves creatively and gain a lifelong appreciation for the arts and creative spirit.

To celebrate creativity through a wide range of cultural workshops, events and performances.

Schoodic Arts for All Staff

Mary Laury Avatar

Mary Laury

Executive Director

Anna Teaching Pottery Wheel

Anna Woolf

Children’s Education Coordinator

Peninsula School Art Club Enameling 2018 - 8

Lisa Salsbury

Office Manager

Mary Laury, Executive Director

Mary Laury has lived in Maine most of her life in a farmhouse that was her parents’ home. She is an artist and works in watercolors, silver, and wood, as well as other media that pass her way. A lifelong learner, Mary thinks of a great vacation as one spent at an arts center, standing in front of a wood lathe, or working with a tank of acetylene near her bench. Mary has been engaged in many aspects of the arts sector for years; as a watercolor painter and instructor, a ballroom dance teacher, and a member of several arts organizations around the region. She is an avid vegetable gardener and has 25,000 square feet of land under cultivation.


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(207) 963-2569


Year Round Staff

Mary Laury, Executive Director

Anna Woolf, Children’s Education Coordinator

Lisa Salsbury, Office Manager

Contracted staff

Roberta Parritt

Summer staff


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