Beth Parks Exhibit

Beth Parks Exhibit



Beth Parks sees nature a little differently. A wildlife biologist, educator, world traveler and author, she takes photographs that speak to the soul.

A selection of Parks’ favorite nature photos will be featured at her one-woman exhibition at Hammond Hall in Winter Harbor from May 1-31. Printed on giclée canvas, polished metal or acrylic blocks, the images range from newly classified stratocumulus fluctus clouds to an osprey’s facial expression on the day it lost its chick.

Parks’ photos are never run-of-the-mill, and sometimes include composites. She may blend an image of the moon with x-rays of sea stars, superimpose a droplet of water on a NASA image of a distant planet, or insert an iconic shot of the earth from space into a sea urchin shell on a sandy beach.

Close-ups are another of Parks’ favorites. She may get cozy with a contemplative wild gorilla in Africa, peer into a camel’s mouth in Outer Mongolia, or take a macro shot of the stunning jewel-like surface of a lion’s mane jellyfish gleaming in the sun on the shore near her house.

A reception for Parks will be held from 3-5 PM on Sunday, May 7, at Hammond Hall, 427 Maine St., Winter Harbor. All photos will be for sale, as will a variety of paper prints and greeting cards at bargain prices. Refreshments will be provided.

Parks’ exhibition at Hammond Hall will also be open during a contra dance at 7:30 PM on May 13; performances of the play “Monstrous Love” at 7 PM on Friday and Saturday, May 19 and 20, and at 2 PM on Sunday, May 21; and at 7 PM on Friday, May 26, for the coffee house featuring the Maine Coast Worksongers. Private viewing can also be arranged by contacting or calling 963-2569.

Visitors to Parks’ exhibition can test their skills at identifying items on a large sea wreath that Parks constructed from locally beachcombed items. They can also browse through educational photo books Parks published for kids and adults.

Dr. Parks has also been a researcher, information specialist, 4-H youth educator, professor, and filmmaker. She served as an operating room nurse in MASH and evacuation hospitals in Vietnam in 1966-67. She has visited all 50 states, dozens of countries, and all seven continents.

A collection of Parks’ photos of Vietnam, along with her written observations, were exhibited at the Knox Museum in Thomaston for several months in 2016. They are currently on display at Togus V.A. Medical Center in Augusta.

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