Beginning Acrylics

7/30/2020 and 7/31/2020 Beginning Acrylics 10am-4pm


Tobey White, Susan
Festival Instructor 2020


July 30, 2020 - 10:00 am


July 31, 2020 - 4:00 pm


Prospect Harbor Methodist Church   View map

Susan will cover color theory in the simplest of terms, yet, with thorough results, understanding values, approaches to underpainting and glazing techniques. Students will learn about products, and explore a variety of ways to begin a painting. Appropriate for those transitioning to acrylics from oils, watercolors or pastels or for the very beginning painter.

Bring: Kits available $50.00. Please bring sketchpad, rags or paper towels and a drawing tool for sketching.

Materials List

Rags or Paper towels

soft pencil such as 5b,6b
/ sharpener/eraser

Spray Bottle with water
A container for water to rinse brushes

*Heavy Body Acrylic Paints
(Many ask me what brand to buy. I have tried a lot of products and keep going back to Golden. If you are starting out you may want a less expensive paint but if you are serious I encourage you to try different professional grade paints and find your favorite. I find Golden to be consistent in density and a great company to deal with so highly recommend them.) Yes, I am one of their educators!

Good mixing colors such as:

Benzimidazolone yellow medium

Quinacridone magenta,
Cadmium red hue
Pthalo Blue red shade

*Titanium white  and Zinc white

***You do not need to buy colors specific for this class as long as you have a good mixing red, yellow & blue *Please make sure you have zinc AND titanium white. The reds, yellows and blues may vary according to your likes.

Polymer Medium

*Paper palette (I encourage paper palettes for workshops just for the ease of clean up and saving the drains.)
Palette knifes…I prefer the plastic ones of various sizes.
*Brushes: A variety of sizes. My favorites are Silver Bristlon and Black Pearl,  Princeton 6300 series bristle and Catylst: brights and filberts. (Pricey) A good economical one is Royal and Langnickel ZEN. (Both Fiddleheads in Belfast and Rockport Blueprint in Camden carry these, They sell for under $4.00 no matter what the size and hold up well. Make sure you are buying Acrylic/Oil Brushes. I would suggest for this workshop size 10 Flat (ZEN:z53B), size 10 round ( ZEN Z53R)and a size 2 round or flat. If you have sizes close to these do not buy others. Between what you and I have you will be fine.

1 canvas 12×16

Places to purchase:

Fiddlehead Artisan Supply, Belfast *Discount for my students and have kits for beginners put together by my request. 207-338-8422 (Info is not on their website may call to request. )

Rockport Blueprint, Camden *Discount for my students 207-236-2696
*Artist & Craftsmen (Portland, ME) 1 800 876 8076 *Discount for my students

Contact if any questions :

134 High Street, Belfast, ME 04915 207-322-1699




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