Canceled Hilton Park Coffeehouse April 24th

Hilton Park April 24th Coffeehouse 7:00pm $15


April 24, 2020 - 7:00 pm


April 24, 2020 - 9:30 pm


Hammond Hall, Winter Harbor, Maine   View map


Hilton Park is made up of a father, son and neighbor from a small town in Southern Maine. Their music is a pure blend of folk and finesse, as evidenced by the way they meld their voices and creativity so seamlessly.

Though heavily informed by godfathers of acoustic music like Simon and Garfunkel and Crosby, Stills and Nash, Hilton Park is a modern, forward-thinking band whose tones and textures are sublime, brimming with both originality and ambiguity, making any of the usual comparisons seem superfluous.

No conventional rhythm section (drums nor bass… it’s madness surely?!) is to be heard in the majority of Hilton Park’s music.  This brave move helps to distil their sound, as the exquisite three part vocal harmonies are able to come to the fore and the trio’s formidable instrumental talents are laid bare, with no crash and jangle to hide behind. Their careful choice of sparse instrumentation create a soundscape so full that they have been referred to as a “three piece quintet”…

Hilton Park has stories to tell, mysteries to solve and journeys to take us on.

This quote from a live review echoes what folks all over are saying about Hilton Park; ”They are the folks next door who just happen to be virtuoso musicians, styling traditional folk/country instruments with fresh and original tunes. But the biggest treat may be the vocal harmonies. Our audience was enthralled. Edge of our seats, truly.”




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