Schoodic Steel is a community band of musicians from the Schoodic area.   Steel pan or drum music originated in Trinidad in the 1940s when large oil drums were discarded on the island.  Steel pans are made by heating and “sinking” the top of the drum into a bowl shape, and then pounding from underneath to create the “notes”.  Each player in Schoodic Steel plays a certain kind of steel pan, ranging from the large bass pans (6 full sized drums, 3 notes each) to the single tenor (with a 3 octave range).  And while the music is traditionally Caribbean, Schoodic Steel has thrown someunexpected pieces into the mix to keep the party interesting.

Click the link below to enjoy video of Schoodic Steel performing a Stevie Wonder tune at the annual Schoodic Arts Festival.

Video:  “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” – Schoodic Steel