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How I Work Video Series

Introducing our How I Work Video Series:

“Where do you get your inspiration from?”
“How do you start a project?”
“What kind of training helped you to achieve what you do?”

These are questions every member of the creative community gets asked, and Schoodic Arts for All would love to satisfy your curiosity and offer a window into the creative process through a series of short videos entitled “How I Work”.

Deiran Manning, musician, introduces us to the world of classical music and discusses how to make the piano sing with musical expression, as well as what it’s like to make your livelihood as a professional musician. He is  Executive Director of the Winter Harbor Music Festival.  Be sure to check out their concerts at Hammond Hall the first Friday of each month.

Dick Fisher, bell maker, takes us through the amazing process of form creation, mold making and bronze casting that results in a beautifully designed and crafted bell.

In the first of this series, Anna Woolf, potter, shows us how she creates a vessel on the pottery wheel and then embellishes it with applied objects as she discusses her design process and aesthetics.

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