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Individual and Business Donors – 2021

We would like to thank the following individuals and business for their support in 2021.

$100,000 +

Jay and JoAnn Townsend

$20,000 – $99,999

Edith R. Dixon
Melvin and Gay Lynn Jackson

$10,000 – $19,999

Susan Bruce and Rick Hauck
Bruce and Ellin Miller

$5,000 – $9,999

David Marden

$1,000 - $4,999

Bee Adams
Jean Beckley
Jan Buckaloo
James and Beth Cole

Construction Systems of NE
Joan Dempsey
Doc and Polly
David and Marilyn Elwood

Victoria and Alan Goldstein
Walter and Janis Guyette
Neil and Katherine Heidinger
Samuel Huber and Catherine Weiss

Evelyn Joost
Dan and Jane Keegan
Sylvia Ong
Cynthia Thayer

$500 - $999

Rick and Maureen Andrew
Sepp Huber and Sheila Unvala
Thomas and Carol Kirchhoff

Joan L. Kremer
Tracy and Barb Lyman
Peter and Kristin Onuf

Roberta Parritt and
George McLaughlin
Amanda Pearman

Frederick and Anne Stocking
Nancy Townsend
Town of Winter Harbor

$250 - $499

Barbee Construction
Rona Bloom
Elizabeth Brown
Keith Ohmart and Helen Chen
Barbara Clark
Peter and Julie Clay
Jim and Pat Close
Ruth Wight and Tony Coleman
Sandra Cron
Darthia Farm

Dead River Company
Bob and Lois Delifus Washington
Rona Gandy
Catharine Gribbel
Topher and Martha Hamblett
Tom and Emily Haslett
Terry Hilt
Betsey Holtzmann
Andreas and Marian Ide
Chantal Jennings

Jacqui Lofaro and
Deborah Kooperstein
Herbert Mahon and Julie Pearson
Jim Maren and Suzanne Grooms
Frank Migliorelli and Liza Parker
Ted and Suzanne Murphy
Steve and Betsy Myers
Kathleen and Alan Nauss
Tom and Pat Peddie
Greg and Marcia Politi

Arthur and Barbara Powell
Phelps T. and M.L. Riley
Sherry Schwartz
Josef Sommer
Mike and Linda Soukup
Gary Stern and
Demetrios Karabetsos
Edward and Candace Walworth
Winter Harbor Agency

$100 - $249

Lucille Anderson
Rosemary Babcock
Shelley Barron
Peter and Vicki Bartholow
Jean Beckley in honor of
Jeffrey Ollswang
Jim and Judy Beckwith
Robert and Ellen Beekman
Laurie Bennett
Margaret Bennett
Mark and Julia Berry
Sandra Bonello
Terry Bosworth
Barbara and Roger Bowen
Mary Brennan
Karen Brook
Emma C. Brown
Brown’s Appliance
Jim and Jan Bruner
Hope and Bob Buckner
Susan Burke and Bill Leonardi
David Burr in memory of
Vicki Hampshire
Bill and Barb Byron
The Cataudella Family
Polly and Bill Ceckler
David and Debbie Cerundolo
Marjorie Clifford
Jim and Leza Colquhoun
Sally Cook and Bruce Cormier
Kerry and Deborah Crowley
George and Sharon DeFries

Paul DiMaggio and Carol Mason
Sherrie Downing
Bob and Betsy Duerr
Brian and Kerry Eaton
Marguerite Eberle
Howard Evans and Vicki Pollard
Mary and Bob Evelyn
Nancy Feeley
Philip and Diana Fisher
Kristine Geils and William Knuff
Debbie and John Gilbert
Kenneth Gleason
Mary Cox Golden
Kay and Broni Grala
Douglas and Susan Greenwood
Bill and Elaine Hale
Joe Haroutunian
Don and Kathleen Havey
Kate and Eric Henry
Nancy Hill
Jean and Paul Humez
Mazouz and Karen Hussein
Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. Jennings
Andrea St. George Jones
Jordan-Fernald Funeral Home
Dennis and Linda King
David and Jana Kleiser
Sally Knapp
JoAnne Lambdin
Scott and Sarah Lamping

Mark Lerman and Kay Jenkins
Joel and Karen Levitz
Barbara Linton
Main Stay Cottages and RV Park
Richard and Barbara Maliniak
Howard and Margaret Marshall
Kathleen Massimini and
Steven Callahan
Jack and Ann McCann
Catherine McLoud
Louise and Creighton McShane
Merrill Furniture Company
Carol Michaud
Alexander Mishkin and
Jennifer Newstead
Doug Moxham
Donna Murphy
Gillian Newstead and Robert Schmidt
Darlene Nolin
Dennis and Wendilee Heath O’Brien
Norman and Patricia Olsen
Anne and Fred Osborn III
William and Lynn Osborn
Alexander and Pamela Oski
Rob Paarlberg and Marianne Perlak
Donald and Heather Parker
Lloyd and Mary Parker
Karen Peluso
Ron and Deb Priest

Barb Prud’Hommeaux
Vicki Rea and Josh Edgerly
Alita Reed
June Rieber
Sydney Rockefeller
Warren Ross and Ann Butterworth
Jean-Andre and Vicki Rougeot
Kathleen Russell
Rebecca Sargent
Carolyn Sawyer
Tim and Susan Schieffelin in loving memory of Nat Bradley and in honor of Jane Bradley
Valerie Seaton
Dana and Sheila Smith
Tim and Shirlee Smith
Andrew and Lisa Somes
Lynn Spichiger and Diane Bellisario
Tom Stewart and Trina Dykstra
Frederick and Anne Stocking
Mike and Pat Summerer
David and Judi Tanner
Vafiades, Brountas & Kominsky
Andrew and Jessica Van Culin
Wallace Events
Gordon Ward
Carmen Weeks
Lisa White
Truth Whitten
Kurt and Torj Wray
Gail F. Yvon

Up to $99

Susan Adams
Jeff and Cindy Alley
Alfhild Anda
Kristi Anderson
Clarissa Atkinson
Lynne Baggett
Susan Bagley
Ken Bahm and David Brass
Jimmy and Becky Barnes
Linda Barron
Cathleen Bell
Patricia Bell
Michele Benoit
Ginny and Skip Berrien
Sara Boomsliter
Carl Brauer and Nancy Schieffelin
Tim and Dallas Briney
Bud Lee Electric, Inc.
Don and Sharon Burkel
Barry and Bob Canner-Travers
Evelyn Carpenter
Warrene Carriere
Shirley Chase
Chris and Martha Chessie
Bruce Clark
George and Sheila Daley

Sy and Hilda Demsky
Shep and Linette Erhart
Charles and Barbara Flaherty
Sherry Fletcher
Haydee Foreman
Rudolf and Helga Frenner
Teri Gerson
Mary Ellen Goff
Jill Goldthwait
Gouldsboro Self Storage
Beth Graham
John and Pat Guyette
Susan and Boyd Haight
Wick and Lee Hannan
Kay Hansen
Donald and Jean Harris
Anna Dembska and Andrea Hawks
Robert Hemenway and
Cindy Giberson
Kimberly Holden
Deborah Horvitz and David Stein
Richard Kesin
Alice Kohr
Jude Lamb
Lea and Roger Lane
Mary Laury

Charlotte Lee
Victor and MaryPatricia Leger
Lelie Linder
Kelly and Jane Littlefield
Mary Sue Love
Nuna L. MacDonald
Katie MacGregor and Alan Furth
Mike and Kathi McFadden
Annetje Meyer in memory of
Louis A. Meyer
Evelyn Milner
Celeste Mittelhauser
Jennifer Lee Morrow
Kathy Murphy
Mark and Kim Nadel
Clayton and Marcia Nowell
Penelope Olson
Richard and Ethel Ossolinski
Al and Marcia Paschkis
Nancy Patterson
Christina Perkins
Clifford Pilacinski
Hop and Marianne Potter in honor of Isabella and Kenneth LaTourette
Barbara Reeve

Eleanor and Clint Ritchie
Sue Robinson
Bradley and Elizabeth Rucker
Ruth & Wimpy’s
Gloria Sanok
Helen Slater
Alison Smith and Family
Larry Smith
Jean Snyder
Margaret Stead
Sheridan and Barb Steele
Bob and Jacquie Steffel
Margaret R. Stewart
George Strohmeyer
Sumner Mem. High School Class of 2020
Carol Trimble
Laura Schoene
Audie Tunney
Bob and Wendy Underwood
Michael and Joanne VanWinkle
John and Liz Vickery
Frederick and Claire Von Karls
Mary Lou Weaver
Greg and Donita Whitehead
David and Karen Wilcock
Steve and Eve Wilkinson
Barbara Zucker

Memorial Donations

In honor of Mary Laury
Alex and Susan David
Edith R. Dixon
Franz W. Sichel Foundation
Neil and Katherine Heidinger
Kenneth and Barbara Kelly
Carl Little
Janet Henry
Lee McWilliams
Bruce and Ellin Miller
Keith Ohmart and Helen Chen
Anne and Fred Osborn III
Bruce and Joyce Schoppe
Janet Taylor

In memory of Craig Schoppe
Robin Alden
Cathleen Bell
Julia Conway
Mary Laury
Kelly and Jane Littlefield

In memory of Doris Combs
Julia Conway
John and Pat Guyette
Peter and Judy Hunt
Ruth Sargent
Paul and Barbara Stewart

In honor of Cynthia Thayer/ Memory of Bill Thayer
Amy Carlson
Gail and Henry Grandgent

In Kind Donations

Darthia Farm
Bud Lee Electric, Inc.

Rona Gandy
Roy and Rhonda Gruver

Karen Hartt
Ray Plumbing

Your donations help support our many programs.

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