Festival Instructors

Alberti, Lillian

Festival Instructor

The "Demure Poppet" Workshop

Andrew, Maureen

Festival Instructor

What's Up With Bees?! (Felting)

Best, Don

Festival Instructor

Miniature Folk Art Animals

Bryson, Bob

Festival Instructor

Reclaimed Lumber Art Woodcut Prints (Beginner) Pastel Landscape Scratch Board

Buell, Obadiah

Stone Sculptor

Stone Sculpture Open August 6, 7, 9 or 10

Chessie, Chris

Fish Decoy and Fishing Lure

Chessie, Martha

Festival Instructor 2020

Adult Education is where Martha got her start in basket weaving over three decades ago! She has been fortunate to share her love of basket weaving and mitten-making throughout programs in southern and mid-coast Maine. Martha also travels to various fairs and festivals throughout New England. When she is not weaving, you can find her […]

Clark Nickon, Leanne

Silk Scarf Painting

Clark, Cathy

Needle Felted Figure over Wire Armature

Coburn, Amanda

Festival Instructor 2020

Amanda Coburn first began her metalsmithing journey in January of 2005. Through online venues and social networking, she has shipped finished jewelry and handmade jewelry making supplies far and wide- Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and all over North America. In 2010 she partnered with two other local jewelers and artists, Anne Reigstad of Ymir Glass […]

Fein, Randy

Festival Instructor

Mermaids and More in Clay Relief - Animal Masks in Clay - Sea Creatures in Clay -

Fisher, Tim

Festival Instructor

Woodworking for Kids, Introductory

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