Woolf, Anna

Woolf, Anna

Program Development and Children's Arts Coordinator

Teaching Artist

Anna’s newest work in barnacles was inspired by a visit to a summer restaurant on Schoodic Peninsula. There was a display of plates that had been brought up from the bottom of the ocean, every-day dishes from 100 or more years ago, covered in natural barnacles. There was a beauty in those plates and intrigue in the relation of everyday life both above and below the water that she is in the process of exploring.

Anna is a passionate artist and great teacher.  Her teaching style takes you through key points in learning how to work with clay, while keeping both children and adults engaged in their creative side.

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Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Slam – Dunk and Press Pottery 1 Days August 9, 2019
Clay With Me: Parent And Child Wheel Class 1 Days August 3, 2019
Portland Museum Day Trip 1 Days April 25, 2019

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