Andrew, Maureen

Andrew, Maureen

Festival Instructor

What's Up With Bees?! (Felting)

My family and I moved to Maine in 1995, looking for a better quality of life and room to roam.  We purchased a small hobby farm, gathered a few sheep, llamas and dogs, and here we are! I am a hospice nurse by profession and a learning artist by desire.  With the lovely fiber from my woolie flock I began needle felting many years ago.  My felting combines my love of whimsy, color and fiber.  I create a menagerie of land and sea creatures of all shapes and sizes!  What fun!  Recently, I’ve been learning to paint!  Stand by for that!  A work in progress. We are now down to only one dog on the farm as we are “downsizing.” Change can be hard, but exciting!  I try to live by words a former art teacher wrote in my high school yearbook:  “Becoming is superior to being.  Become.”
Wild or Woolie?

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What’s Up with Bees?! 1 Days August 7, 2019

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