McLean, Rebecca

McLean, Rebecca

Festival Instructor 2020

Animal Printmaking

My name is Becca McLean and I grew up right in town attending as many Schoodic Arts for All classes as I could. I loved learning new mediums and exploring different forms of art even at a young age. I like to think that those early classes helped influence me to pursue art as my career. I am currently a middle school art teacher at South Meadow Middle School in Peterborough New Hampshire. I love that I can continue to pursue new forms of art and bring what I learn to my students.

Throughout my life many people have asked me what is my “thing” what “type” of art do I create. That’s a hard question for me to answer, I find that I am constantly drawn to learning new ways of creating. Recently I have been doing a lot of cut paper work and linocut printmaking. I love the process of both and enjoy the very stylized and unique look of the results.

Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Animal Printmaking 1 Days August 8, 2019

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