Muhammed, Kafari and Hoffman, Jake

Muhammed, Kafari and Hoffman, Jake

Festival Instructors

Rattle Them Bones

Kafari and Jake Hoffman, both living in Portland, Maine, use bones and banjo as tools to trace the histories of these instruments to illuminate traditional American……..


Kafari is a pianist, beatmaker, and bluegrass percussionist, specializing in the rhythm bones – an ancient instrument played by holding two in one hand, flicking the wrist forward and backward to create sound. He first became inspired to play the bones after seeing a concert that debunked his assumptions about bluegrass and exposed him to the African-American roots of traditional bluegrass and old-time music. A resident of Portland since 2011, Kafari enjoys teaching bones to passersby on the city streets and in classrooms across the state.

Multi-instrumentalist and singer, Jake Hoffman was raised on jazz and rock ‘n’ roll and spent his adulthood studying American folk musics. He has toured in 20 states and 11 countries — performing and teaching ballads, gospel and dance music from Appalachia and the American South. A community arts and cultural exchange advocate, Jake has lived in the Portland area since 2009 and is a teaching artist and program manager with 317 Main Community Music Center.

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Rattle Them Bones! -522 Weeks August 7, 2019

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