Festival Instructors

Regan, Sarah

Festival Instructor

Jewelry Making

Royle, Dorothy

Festival Instructor

Painterly Print Making Create a Picture Print Sequential Art

Salsbury, Lisa

Earrings in Silver Clay

Smith, Hunt

Painting Fog

Summerer, Mike

Woodturning One - Woodturning Two - Woodturning: Lidded Box -

Thayer, Cynthia

SAFA Founder

Writing Your Life

Toy, Chris

Hawaiian Cooking - Downeast Far East Fusion Seafood - Asian Hot Pot - Asian Noodles - Dim Sum (Yum Cha) - Stuffed Handmade Pasta for Kids - Cooking With Wine - International Flatbreads -

Valleau, Steven

Painted Bird Silhouettes - Bird Block Printing

Wood, JoAnne

Festival Instructor

British Tea Time

Woolf, Anna

Program Development and Children's Arts Coordinator

Clay With Me: Parent And Child Wheel Class - Slam Dunk and Press Pottery

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