Regan, Sarah

Regan, Sarah

Festival Instructor

Jewelry Making

Sarah Regan is an accomplished metalsmith with eclectic tastes who specializes in sterling silver, copper and brass. She is one of four owners of Maine Jewelry & Art, an art gallery located at 100 Harlow Street in Bangor Maine.

Sarah has spent her life exploring jewelry making in different ways. What started as simple chain work and beading, scavenged designs and self-taught repairs has catapulted into a career. She has spent the last two years perfecting her knowledge of silversmithing and has begun to explore different metals.

Sarah is also a visual artist that likes to experiment with different mediums. From acrylic to oil paint to simple pen and ink illustrations, you can often find her with her head stuck in a sketchbook or painting at home with her family.

Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Silver Spoon Ring and Pendant 1 Days August 6, 2019

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