Shutt, Carol

Shutt, Carol

Festival Instructor 2020

Teaching Artist


I had the privilege to be the art teacher at Mount Desert Elementary School in Northeast Harbor, Maine for 27 years. My job as an art teacher was full of revelation and surprise and the young children I taught inspired me daily. From them, I learned that the best part of being an artist is the process itself and each unexpected discovery along the way. Now retired, I am a mixed media artist and poetry writer. In my own studio, and on trips I take as art-making retreats, I focus on drawing and painting, mixed-media collage, creative writing and altered books. Much of my art and writing process has its roots in the game Exquisite Corpse, played by the early Surrealist artists and writers in Paris. I start with a handful of words cut from old books and magazines and arrange them into phrases that intrigue me. I then use these as triggers in my writing and art. This process allows me to tap into my subconscious and create personal meaning and expression in my poetry and art.

I have had numerous one-person and group shows throughout the years, and presently show my work at Artemis Gallery in Northeast Harbor, as well as in the gallery I share in Hulls Cove with my husband, Rocky Mann.


Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Creative Bookmaking (Virtual) 2 Weeks July 27, 2020

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