Heath O'Brien, Wendilee

Heath O’Brien, Wendilee

Festival Instructor 2020

Teaching Artist

 Quaker roots and life in Downeast Maine shape my work. My vision is to hold up our most treasured gifts- nature and children celebrating the joy they embody when nurtured. Intertwined with this is the work and way of life I internalized while living in Asia. I take the individual to the universal, returning to the particular as in the art of Haiku. I attempt the 3 steps classical Asian Artists pursued –
first to elicit the response, “Oh how nice’ , then, “I want to visit” and finally, in a true painting, the viewer wants to stay. Creating scenes melds with my calling to paint what can be, not the ignoble in our world. This vision came while parenting, watching children and following their questing and exploring, thrilled by their capacity to wonder. To tell the stories I use 5 different mediums selecting the one whose ‘voice’ best captures the feeling I want engendered. As an artist making my living at my craft, I intentionally and purposefully integrate my business vision into my artistic one. This is manifested in my pricing, use of materials and relationships with clients. I am an artist committed to keeping original art affordable and accessible to all, to walking as tenderly on the earth as possible and to supporting my fellow small business owners.

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Other Events

ID Event Name Duration Start Date
Portrait 1 Days August 12, 2021
Elements of Painting Oil 1 Days August 10, 2021
Portraiture with Model (Virtual) 1 Days July 30, 2020
Building a Head: Beginning Portraiture Virtual Workshop 1 Days July 28, 2020
Haiku and Brush Journal 1 Days August 6, 2019

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