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  • Andrew, Maureen
    Teaching Artist
    My family and I moved to Maine in 1995, looking for a better quality of life and room to roam.  We purchased a small hobby farm, gathered a few sheep, llamas and dogs, and here we are! I am a hospice nurse by profession and a learning artist by desire.  With the lovely fiber from my woolie flock I began needle felting many years ago.  My felting combines my love of whimsy, color and fiber.  I create a menagerie of land and sea creatures of all shapes and sizes!  What fun!  Recently, I've been learning to paint!  Stand by for that!  A work in progress. We are now down to only one dog on the farm as we are "downsizing." Change can be hard, but exciting!  I try to live by words a former art teacher wrote in my high school yearbook:  "Becoming is superior to being.  Become." Click here for a listing of Maureen's Classes
  • Barter, Rick
    Teaching Artist
    30 years as educator in public education on MDI. Over 50 years playing music on multiple instruments. Adult Ed…. Teaching beginning an intermediate ukulele classes on MDI. Primary instigator of several performing musical groups on MDI Led several community “song circles.”…. Before Covid
  • Bee Parks and the Hornets
    Bee Parks and the Hornets is the creative endeavor of Brittany Parker, a Maine-based theatre and music maker. She started the band at the beginning of 2018 to empower young people and the adults who love them. Pulling from various musical inspirations, including Motown, the Beach Boys, and 90's alt rock, Brittany begin writing a series of songs that included stories of environmentalism, social justice, equality, self-confidence, and loving your neighbor. She was joined by her friends and colleagues Mélissa Smith, Carl Ferm, Joey Dupuis, and Jarly Bobadilla -- who all also contributed songs and musical ideas. This culminated in a 60-minute theatrical show with puppets and audience interaction. More musicians joined the team to create a roster of Hornets playing a variety of instruments, including trumpet, saxophone, electric guitar, keyboard, ukulele, bass guitar, and drumset (see gallery below). The band has played at theaters, libraries, museums, schools, zoos, and parks across the East Coast. In July 2019 they released their first full length album, Welcome to Our Hive, which can be found on all digital music platforms.
  • Bell, Cathy
    Teaching Artist
  • Berry, Chelsea
    Teaching Artist, Performer
    “Great, talented, beautiful … her future is so bright you’re gonna have to wear shades.” – Chris Smither Chelsea Berry is a singer-songwriter with the edge, power, and finesse of legends. Her presence has been described by listeners as “compelling… she draws the entire house into her world like moths to a flame.” Her original music evokes the style of artists such as Eva Cassidy and KD Lang. A favorite among venue owners up and down the East coast, Berry’s beautiful voice and commanding stage presence has carried her to venues across the country. Chelsea’s original music has been featured frequently on Sirius XM’s The Loft and on local radio stations across the U.S. She has performed at Boston’s House of Blues, Carnegie Hall in New York City, the Shalin Liu in Rockport, MA, Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, World Cafe Live in Philadelphia and more. She has opened for artists such as Chris Isaak, Mavis Staples, Belinda Carlisle, Roger McGuinn, and Tom Chapin, and has been a student of American songwriting legends such as Dave Van Ronk, Janis Ian, Susan Werner, and Ellis Paul. Born and raised in Alaska, she now makes her home in Gouldsboro, Maine.
  • Blanco, Richard
    Teaching Artist, Performer
    “Blanco’s contributions to the fields of poetry and the arts have already paved the path forward for future generations of writers. Richard’s writing will be wonderfully fitting for an Inaugural that will celebrate the strength of the American people and our nation’s great diversity.” —President Barack Obama Richard Blanco’s mother, seven months pregnant, and the rest of the family arrived as exiles from Cuba to Madrid where he was born. Forty-five days later, the family immigrated once more to New York City, and eventually settled in Miami. Only a few weeks old, Blanco already belonged to three countries, a foreshadowing of the negotiations of cultural identity, community, and belonging that would shape his life and continue to inform his work. As a poet, memoirist, and essayist, Blanco is a sought-after speaker who captivates audiences around the nation and the world with his dynamic storytelling and powerful readings.  Advocating for diversity, LGBTQ rights, immigration, arts education, cultural exchange, and other important issues of our time, Blanco routinely speaks at a variety of venues and functions, including fundraisers and galas, professional development conferences, middle and high schools, universities, commencement ceremonies, writing conferences, and literary festivals. In 2013, Blanco was selected by President Obama as the fifth inaugural poet in U.S. history, joining the ranks of such luminary poets as Robert Frost and Maya Angelou. He stands as the first Latino, immigrant, and gay person to serve in such a role. Since 2016 he has served on the Obama Foundation’s storytelling committee. A committed proponent of the civic role that poetry can fulfill in the public realm, Blanco’s work addresses sociopolitical matters that affect us collectively. He is the contributing poet to “The Village Voice,” a bi-monthly segment on Boston public radio station WGBH that discusses news topics through the lens of socially conscious poetry. In addition, he has written and performed occasional poems in support of organizations and events such as the re-opening of the U.S. embassy in Cuba, Freedom to Marry, the Tech Awards of Silicon Valley, and the Boston Strong benefit concert following the Boston Marathon bombings. In 2017, Two Ponds Press published Boundaries, featuring Blanco’s poems paired with Jacob Hessler’s photos. Together, their work investigates the boundaries of race, gender, class, and ethnicity, among many others; and challenges the physical, imagined, and psychological dividing lines—both historic and current—that shadow the United States. His latest book of poems, How to Love a Country (Beacon Press, 2019), both interrogates the American narrative, past and present, and celebrates the still unkept promise of its ideals. About this collection, poet Carolyn Forché reflects: “In this timely collection, Richard Blanco masterfully embraces his role as a civic poet, confronting our nation’s riddled history in the light of conscience. At once personal and political, these lyric narratives decry injustice and proclaim our hopes.”
  • Castlebay
    Since 1986 Castlebay has been weaving together Maine's nautical and British Isles legacies transporting their audience through time and across the Atlantic. Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee have loved and researched traditional music for most of their lives and blend history, legend and experience into their personable performances. Finely crafted ballads with evocative imagery and beautiful melodies depict Maine characters, history, and life close to the elemental beauty of the sea and shore. Their renditions of traditional and original songs are supported with Celtic harp, 12-string guitar, fiddle & woodwinds. Julia Lane, singer, songwriter, and folklorist, has been playing the Celtic harp since 1989. Self-taught, she rapidly became a skilled and exciting player, winning the Senior Professional division at the New Hampshire Scottish Games Harp Competition in 1990 and 1991 and the International Folk Harp Competition at Stonehill College in 1992. Julia has done extensive research in folksong archives throughout New England and is currently transcribing songs from the Flanders Collection at Middleburg College, Vermont. This audio archive has over 3000 songs, 900 collected in Maine. Fred Gosbee, singer, songwriter, and storyteller, plays classic and 12-string guitar, violin, viola and Irish flute. He learned many traditional songs from his family, who worked as lumbermen in the forests of New Brunswick and Maine. His original songs have been sung and recorded by other artists.Fred has engineered most of Castlebay's recordings and has also built Julia’s harps and many other instruments. Visit their website.
  • Chessie, Martha
    Teaching Artist
    Adult Education is where Martha got her start in basket weaving over three decades ago! She has been fortunate to share her love of basket weaving and mitten-making throughout programs in southern and mid-coast Maine. Martha also travels to various fairs and festivals throughout New England. When she is not weaving, you can find her enjoying her family, including her 4-year old granddaughter.
  • Christensen, Tim
    Teaching Artist
      I have been making black and white pieces since 2003. I am getting better as I get deeper into this technique of sgraffito, and probably would stop if I weren’t. I am starting to see my sculptural background seep in, as well as a renewed interest in altering the thrown form. My work is narrative, specifically illustrated, sometimes spiritual, often funny, and understandable. I make pots about the times in which we live, and the challenges of living in a time in which we are divorced from the natural world around us. I make my work to be appreciated by those who know a lot or a little about porcelain or art, and make it with the hopes that some of these pots will survive longer than me or the culture in which we live, and will still be as relevant then as now. I live near the coast in eastern Maine and have done most of my work in the last few years in my tiny off-the-grid cabin in Roque Bluffs. My time there is magical, the stillness seductive. I also work at the new house my partner and I built in Franklin. The hustle and bustle of family life provide plenty of incentive for focus, and I believe sharpens my work. Visit my website at:
  • Cirillo, Sandi
    Teaching Artist
    Sandi Cirillo has been a fiber/mixed media artist for over 25 years specializing in creating artwork which pleases the eye and craves to be touched. The inspiration for her work focuses on the textural qualities of manmade and natural fibers which she incorporates into her artwork. Her work reflects her love of traveling throughout Maine where she lives and her appreciation of the natural environment around her. Sandi is a retired art educator who gives many different fiber workshops in the Northeast and North Carolina. She teaches many of her workshops in collaboration with various arts centers throughout the Northeast. She has taught undegraduate and graduate courses at Alfred University and Nazareth College in New York State. She currently teaches drawing and fiber classes at Senior College in Belfast, Maine. Visit her website..........www.especially-­ to see examples of Sandi's work. You can also see her work at the Lupine Cottage in Belfast, Harbor Artisans in Belfast, Southwest Harbor Artisans in Southwest Harbor, River Arts in Damariscotta, Beyond the Sea in Lincolnville and the Franklin Street Gallery in Watkins Glen, New York. She exhibits her work locally and nationally and her artwork is in many private collections. Sandi lives in Searsport, Maine where she has her studio and where she teaches many different workshops which are listed on her website.
  • Coburn, Amanda
    Teaching Artist
    Amanda Coburn first began her metalsmithing journey in January of 2005. Through online venues and social networking, she has shipped finished jewelry and handmade jewelry making supplies far and wide- Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, and all over North America. In 2010 she partnered with two other local jewelers and artists, Anne Reigstad of Ymir Glass Design and Roxanne Munksgaard of Maine Peace Works, and opened Maine Jewelry & Art Gallery and Studios at 100 Harlow Street in Bangor, Maine. She is proud to now have a home base to sell, design, and create her pieces- and to share her skills with others in artisan lessons and workshops.       
  • Connect & Create
    Community Group
    If you like getting together with others to chat and work on your own arts or crafts, be sure to visit our Connect and Create Group via Zoom on Thursday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30. Join us for an informal get-together every Thursday morning to chat with other artists and work on your own art.  Combat isolation and set aside a time every week to connect with others and create art. Art and creating is important, as is making personal connections.  This group will give us all the opportunity to set aside time each week for for that connection and creativity.  There is no charge, but an RSVP is required.  Email for more information and to sign up.
  • Corley-Wood, JoAnne
    Teaching Chef
  • Delicious Drag Divas
    A bunch of Queens slaying the stage to show you an epic show.  
  • DiGati, Paula Ann
    Teaching Artist, Performer, SAFA Office Manager/Performance Assistant
  • Doc & Polly
    Acoustic guitar and vocal blues duo. Early 20th century American acoustic blues featuring Doc’s unique fingerpicking guitar technique and Polly’s powerful vocals. Kenneth Uhnak and Paula Ann DiGati are better known to the local music community as “Doc & Polly.” In the past year, they have become known for their faithful renditions of early 20th century American acoustic blues; featuring Ken’s unique finger-picking guitar technique and Paula’s powerful vocals, both well suited to the genre.
  • Exhibits
    Artist Exhibits
  • Finn, John
    Teaching Artist
    John E. Finn is a professionally trained chef and Professor of Government Emeritus at Wesleyan University. He is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute, and holds degrees from Princeton University, Georgetown University Law Center, and Nasson College. Finn’s scholarship and writing in the field of food studies lay at the intersection of food, recipes, and politics. In addition to The Perfect Omelet, his published works include “How a Recipe Means: Interpreting the Recipe as Text,” in Table Matters, an entry on “Measurements,” in The Oxford Companion to Sweets (ed. by Darra Goldstein, 2015), an essay on Julia Child in Gastronomica (2007), an essay on “Sacraments and Swedish Meatballs” in Wesleyan Magazine (2004), and scholarly articles on “The Perfect Recipe,” (2011) and “The Kitchen Voice as Confessional,” (2004) in Food, Culture & Society. Finn is also the author of four books on constitutional law: Fracturing the Founding: How the Alt-Right Corrupts the Constitution (2019), Peopling the Constitution (2014), American Constitutional Law: Essays, Cases, and Comparative Notes (coauthor, 20018), and Constitutions in Crisis: Political Violence and the Rule of Law (1991). Finn is a dynamic speaker; he has won several awards for outstanding teaching. He has fashioned two very successful courses on the Constitution for The Great Courses Company, which selects the nation’s best college and university professors to teach courses on DVD and CD: "Civil Liberties and the Bill of Rights" and "The First Amendment". Finn lectures frequently on food and popular culture, including at the Culinary Institute of America and the New England Culinary Institute, as well as at Molly O’Neill’s LongHouse Food Revival. He has also lectured on food and popular culture in France and Italy. The Perfect Omelet Website
  • Friedland, Molly
    Teaching Artist
    Molly Friedland is a farmer-florist, growing and selling specialty dried and fresh cut flowers out of Ellsworth and Bar Harbor, Maine. After a decade of managing vegetable farms in Western North Carolina and estate gardens on MDI, Molly now owns and operates the 'Little Red Flower Truck', a flower farm and floral design business whose aim is to spread floral joy on the coast of Maine. Little Red Flower Truck
  • Gawler Sisters
    The Gawler Sisters are a fun-loving, folk-singing, fiddle-playing trio based in their native Maine. On banjo, fiddle and cello, Molly, Edith, and Elsie bring beautiful songs, tunes, and stories from their roots in the heart of Maine. Their music feels cut directly from their homeland's fields and forests, and though it is rooted in traditional "downeast" music, years of curiosity and travel into the world beyond have influenced their sense of musicianship. Their extensive collection of rollicking tunes in the Scots-Irish, Franco-American and Scandinavian traditions is complemented by angelic three-part-harmony, gutsy worksongs, folk-blues, and amusing odes to everyday life. This music is part of their heritage as the three sisters were taught to play and sing by their Mom (Ellen Gawler, fiddler and singer) and Dad (John Gawler, banjo player and songster.) The Gawlers' unique arrangements are especially engaging and often go along with anecdotes of historical or humorous content, delivered in the stoic but friendly style of true New Englanders. They are often joined by the rest of the family, their parents John and Ellen Gawler, Ethan Tischler, and Bennett Konesni to bring the full fledged, rip roaring, sky soaring tunes and songs to their performances. With their infectious spirit and sparkling musicianship, the Gawlers have earned a beloved place in the delighted hearts of varied audiences across the Northeast. The folk music itself brings a sense of community and grassroots connection that is welcoming and from the heart.
  • Gawler, Molly
    Teaching Artist, Perfomer Molly Gawler is a dancer, musician and mom. She has toured the world as a dancer in Pilobolus Dance Theater and then came back full circle to her homestate of Maine. She lives in Orland with her husband, Lao and sons Caspian and Mica. She has studied at New England Center for Circus Arts, specializing in the Cyr Wheel, Acro Partnering, Acrobatics and Aerial Rope. Molly is the founder of her own company, Droplet Dance, in which she creates her own choreographic works integrating the arts of circus, acrobatics, music, dance, story and song.
  • Gouldsboro Historical Society
    Website The Town of Gouldsboro Historical Society is devoted to researching, collecting, and preserving the Town's historical material, and educating citizens about the history of our Town and region. The Society serves the community by operating the Old Town House Museum the Blance Archive, and this website; by cooperating with schools, libraries, and local organizations; and by offerring numerous events to inform and entertain the public. The Society was begun in 1982 by Lyda Noyes and Mary Lou Weaver as the West Gouldsboro Historical Society. They quickly discovered there was much interest throughout the whole town in preserving the history of the area. Thus, in 1983, the name of the Society was changed to the Town of Gouldsboro Historical Society and collections of papers and artifacts concerning the early history of the town were donated to the group.
  • Henries, Hawk
    Hawk’s Nipmuc lineage helped give form and voice to his thoughts, feelings and relationship to the world around him. Ceremony and other social traditions influenced both his personal relationships as well as his life work. After being discharged from the Navy, while employed in a manufacturing job, Hawk began volunteer work with children diagnosed with autism and pervasive developmental disabilities. The latter felt natural to him and after a year of volunteering he was offered a full time job. He stayed in this field of work as a substance abuse counselor and supervisor in a residential program for adolescents for the next 17 years which included a move with his young family to Maine. Writing and painting were some of the creative expressions that Hawk engaged in but soon after moving to Maine the urge to make music struck him. After years of listening to Native flute he decided this would be the instrument to try. His family gifted a flute to him which began his exploration into the world of music and making flutes. The door to exploring other musical traditions from various places in the world was now open. Yidaki (didgeridoo), Kora, Mbira and Harp are just a few of the instruments that he also loves to play. In an attempt to improve the sound of the flute given to him he succeeded in ruining it. Knowing another would not be given, repairing the flute was what he had to do. For months his time was consumed trying to make it work again. Six months later he had a working flute. Having the fundamental knowledge of how this type of flute works led to building a new flutes… After continued work in the mental health field while at the same time playing at various schools, museums, powwows, and art shows, he felt pulled to engage this musical part of him full time. In 1993 Hawk resigned from work in the mental health field so he could devote his full attention to building and playing flute and using music as a means to discuss how we could bring more health and peace to our world. In 1995 a compilation of flute music was released: “Tribal Winds “ on the Earthbeat label, included was music from Hawk’s 1993 release First Flight. The following years saw invitations for Hawk’s music from his two CD’s Keeping the Fire and Voices, to be used in many documentary videos some of which won or were nominated for Emmy awards.. Hawk’s musical compositions are a reflection of his thinking that we each have the capacity to make a change in the world. His songs embody this thinking and during his presentations he preferences each song with an explanation of its meaning and invites the audience, when appropriate, to share their thoughts and ideas. This approach to performance has led to many invitations both as a musician as well as a speaker. Over the years Hawk has been invited to present his music and share his words in places such as Harvard Divinity School, North Eastern University, Harvard Graduation, Brown University, Abbe Museum, National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian Museum). Many churches and religious organizations have invited him to present at conferences and other events. Through the years Hawk has also been a return invitee to many venues such as: Tunica-Biloxi Pow Wow — 19 years New Orleans Jazz Festival — 3 years Northfield Conference — 7 years New Years by the Bay — 16 years First Night Boston — 2 years Camp Chrysalis for Children and Families effected by A.I.D.S — 5 years… As one of a relatively small number of Native flute makers who continue in the tradition of using only hand tools and fire, Hawk’s work embodies his commitment to the revitalization and preservation of these skills. His flutes are now part of museum collections and have been a part of an exhibit which traveled the country. He recently applied for and was awarded a grant from the New England Foundation for the Arts to share his flute making skills in Native communities in New England with one of the long term goals being to find someone who he could share these skills with ~an apprentice. .In 2006 Hawk was invited to participate in the commemoration of John Smith and the founding of Jamestown Virginia. There were a contingent of representatives from England also participating. After listening to Hawk’s music as well as his spoken passion for using the knowledge from shared past experience to make a healthier world for our children he was invited to England the following year. In England during their commemoration of John Smith Hawk visited with many schools, participated in historically important assemblies of political dignitaries. He also had been commissioned by one of England’s premier orchestras, the London Mozart Players, to create a piece of music with which they would play in concert together. Inspired by this experience which had a profound impact musically and personally, Hawk has a deep interest in classical music and is exploring the potential for bringing together these two seemingly different styles of creative expression in one musical form–Concerto for Native flute and orchestra. Music has the potential of making a bridge across the divides of humanity that are often labeled culture, religion, ideology… ~ Hawk To contact Hawk ~ (207) 422-2054 or visit Hawk on Facebook
  • Joyce, Dale
    Teaching Artist
    Professional photographer working in historic mediums. I shoot film in various formats and make handmade prints from silver gelatin to carbon transfer. I split my time between Swan's Island and Ellsworth where I have a commercial photography studio.
  • Kearns, Jennifer
    Festival Instructor and Summer Art Camp Shepherd
    After exploring the world outside of Downeast Maine for over a decade, Jennifer Kearns, a native of Cherryfield, returned home with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration/Visual Design, and the excitement to share her experiences in the art world with the area’s young artists. Her passions in art of all mediums, and her love of children, led to the creation of The Art Shack in 2008, a creative space for children ages 3-18. Collaborations with local artists enabled The Art Shack to offer pottery wheel and hand building classes in addition to printmaking, jewelry design and fine art painting classes. Currently Jennifer is continuing to inspire children to create and explore art through private and group instruction, and as a visual and performing arts instructor at Narraguagus Jr/Sr High School.
  • Keenan, Liz
    Teaching Artist
    Elizabeth Keenan Educated at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts and The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, graduating, Cum Laude, Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Art Education earning certification in Maine and Massachusetts. I’ve been teaching Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and Ceramics at Mount Desert Island High School since 1998. I continue to pursue my own artistic pursuits, regularly showing work every opportunity I’m offered. I’m honored to have work in private collections in the United States, Mexico and Canada.
  • La Casse, Gus
    Described as a “passionate and masterful player who values tradition” Gus La Casse is exploring the future of fiddle music.   His repertoire reflects his innovative spirit and dedication to the Cape Breton and Acadian fiddle traditions, playing both standards of the genre and original material.
  • Lamont, Kyle
    Teaching Artist
    Kyle Lamont is an award-winning producer and the founder of Good To Go Studios, a multi-media company based in Ellsworth where they specialize in commercials, marketing campaigns, short films, podcasts and photography. Her short film The Mushroom Huntress took home the New England Film Festival Jury Prize for Best Otherworldly Drama in 2020 and her short film “Passive Aggressive Dads” won best comedy at the Beaufort Film Festival in 2019.
  • Laury, Mary
    Teaching Artist
    Mary Laury is a watercolorist from Maine. The dynamic nature and botanical subjects of Maine are Mary’s passions. An experienced teacher, she has taught painting, drawing both in the classroom and in the field, for many educational programs. Mary also serves on the board of directors of various arts organizations.  Mary is the former Executive Director of Schoodic Arts for All.  After retiring in August of 2021, she looks forward to teaching and painting more. See more of Mary's work at
  • Legere, Phoebe "Songbundle"
    Teaching Artist
    Phoebe Legere is a multi-disciplinary artist. She is an Abenaki, an Acadian and Mayflower descendant: a proud racial hybrid! In the summer Legere lives in mountainous mid-Maine under a waterfall. In the winter she runs free afterschool and Saturday art and music programs for children from New York's low-income communities. At night she paints and plays music in her studio located in the Empire State Building. Her NFT's, paintings and music are heavily influenced and inspired by her Native American heritage. She is deeply rooted in tradition but at the same time, Legere addresses contemporary social justice issues in her performances, visual art and music. She is an Arts Activist who believes in the transcendent power of Art.
  • Logan, Kat
    Teaching Artist    
  • Manning, Deiran
    Teaching Artist
    Deiran Manning has given performances across the United States, Ireland, England, France and Italy at notable venues such as Merkin Concert Hall, Weil Recital Hall at Carnegie, the National Concert Hall in Dublin and the New York City Mayor’s residence, Gracie Mansion. Originally a Maine native, Mr. Manning spent his formative years in New York City at LaGuardia High School, eventually earning his undergraduate and masters degree from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music. His notable teachers include pianists Edmund Battersby, Edward Auer, Karen Shaw, Jeffrey Swann and baritone Wolfgang Brendel. As a singer, Mr. Manning has performed with various companies including IU Opera Theater and WHMF Opera. He regularly works as a vocal coach in the New York area due to his experience as both a pianist and singer. Mr. Manning has also worked at New York University as an Adjunct Professor of Piano. Notable awards include; Stanza Governor’s Prize in Composition, LISSMA International Piano Competition, Children’s Foundation for the Arts, Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition and the Ira Gershwin award.  
  • Meetinghouse Theatre Lab
    Community Program
    The Meetinghouse Theatre Lab is dedicated to creating an ensemble of performance artists who come together to excite the senses, push the limits, and transform the definition of create with the aim of growing as performers and enriching the humanity of all involved. History Since 2003 the Theatre Lab has presented readings, staged readings, and full productions, both classic and contemporary, that challenge accepted social norms and values, question reality, break down the “fourth wall”, explore the notion of “truth”. Out of the Hat!  What’s “Out of the Hat!”? It’s a fresh, compact production with a rehearsal time of one day, 7 hours, performed that same night. The play, the director, the cast are all picked “out of the hat” so to speak — this makes it fresh and exciting for all! It goes like so … we gather at noon to read the chosen play — many of us for the first time. After a first read, the director for the play retires to cast the show. Once done, the group works to put the play on its feet with the result being an outstanding and very fresh performance at 7pm. Come to read and play at 12pm or come to watch at 7pm. Interested in reading? We would love to have you! To read, you will need yourself, writing utensils, blacks, a potluck, energy and a penchant for fun. Please email if you would like to be a part of the day’s production to make sure there is room. Join us in the audience and spread the word to your friends, too! Admission is free, although donations are gratefully accepted  Our “Out of the Hat!” readings are on the 3rd Saturday of each month from October through June, so be sure to save the dates on your calendar. Visit our Facebook page.  
  • Miller, Elizabeth
    Teaching Artist
    Owner/artisan at the fiber art studio Parris House Wool Works, specializing in contemporary expressions of traditional rug hooking. Teaching CV: Squam Art Workshops, Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, Fiber College (2022), Beekman 1802, & more. Featured on Maine Cabin Masters and in the pages of Rug Hooking Magazine & Making Magazine.
  • Montoya, Marco
    Teaching Artist
  • Morrow, Jennifer Lee
    Teaching Artist and SAFA Finance Manager
    Jennifer Lee Morrow is a mixed media artist emphasizing paper and textile techniques in her work. She has a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and a MFA from the University of Kansas at Lawrence. She has taught at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and Penland School of Crafts among other schools.
  • Mudge, Kristen
    Teaching Artist
    I'm a past professional modern dancer, with over 40 years of dance teaching, performance and choreography experience. I have choreographed many dance pieces as well as many middle and high school musicals, year end concerts, flashmobs, local performance pieces, etc. I am also a fitness and yoga instructor and an organic tomato farmer!
  • Neidhardt, Colt
    SAFA Executive Director
  • O'Brien, Wendilee Heath
    Teaching Artist
    Quaker roots and life in Downeast Maine shape my work. My vision is to hold up our most treasured gifts- nature and children celebrating the joy they embody when nurtured. Intertwined with this is the work and way of life I internalized while living in Asia. I take the individual to the universal, returning to the particular as in the art of Haiku. I attempt the 3 steps classical Asian Artists pursued – first to elicit the response, “Oh how nice’ , then, “I want to visit” and finally, in a true painting, the viewer wants to stay. Creating scenes melds with my calling to paint what can be, not the ignoble in our world. This vision came while parenting, watching children and following their questing and exploring, thrilled by their capacity to wonder. To tell the stories I use 5 different mediums selecting the one whose ‘voice’ best captures the feeling I want engendered. As an artist making my living at my craft, I intentionally and purposefully integrate my business vision into my artistic one. This is manifested in my pricing, use of materials and relationships with clients. I am an artist committed to keeping original art affordable and accessible to all, to walking as tenderly on the earth as possible and to supporting my fellow small business owners. Wendilee's Website
  • Pastore, Nick
    Local oyster farmer with over 15 yrs experience farming on land and water.
  • Quinn, Diana
    Teaching Artist, Performer
  • Roochie Toochie and the Ragtime Shepherd Kings
    After forming in 2013 to fulfill their shared dream of recording an entire album on wax cylinder, Roochie Toochie transformed their recorded repertoire of antique novelty tunes into a fantastic stage show that puts a capital "S" in showmanship.  When you see the Ragtime Shepherd Kings you'll witness: fancy fiddling, dueling hawaiian guitars, ukelele wizardry, flashy lap-steel guitar, a menagerie of toy instruments, vocal harmonies that sound as if they were polished by hand, a musical pig "porkestra," scandalous dancing--and that's just the intermission!
  • Ross, Chris
    Chris Ross has spent a decade tucked away on the coast of Maine developing his voice as a writer. Inside the arsenal of tracks he’s penned, one finds dangerous, hard-hitting reflections; stories of love, life and longing. Tinted with an appetite for self-destruction, his writing style is smooth and eloquent while remaining sincere to genuine grit of experience. When his sonorous vocals found affinity with a band, the evolution cultivated a multifaceted, visceral experience for listeners, an auditory landscape much like that of Maine itself: Humble yet dramatic, severe yet sweet, cold and resonant with a nearby fire throwing heat. He was named the 2014 Songwriter of the Year - The New England Music Awards. "The world Ross describes in his songs is one that’s probably very familiar to the devoted fan base he’s developed over the years; hard-drinking, hard-working, honest, wry, and, hidden behind a tough exterior, a well of intelligence and emotional depth." - Bangor Daily News  "A voice made for acoustic guitar, more dirt road than gravel, never sliding off to twang, and sharply honest" -Bluebird Reviews "Young Once is pure Americana. Fans of Zac Brown Band, Jason Isbell, John Hiatt, and storytellers of similar ilk, will find this album and act most appealing." -Bluebird Reviews  
  • Roy Gruver and Rhonda Snowaert
    Teaching Artists
    Roy Gruver from Bethlehem, PA and Prospect Harbor, ME, specializes in kiln-formed glass and is one of the founders and a resident artist at R&R Glass Studio in Bethlehem. Gruver has been teaching all experience levels for more than 15 years - Banana Factory in Bethlehem, Pittsburgh Glass Center, and The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass, as well as a long history of helping other artists as a teaching assistant. Gruver’s work has been exhibited in numerous shows and events in Pennsylvania and Maine and has studied with a number of major kiln-formed glass artists including Rudi Gritsch, Dan Fenton, Mark Ditzler, Martin Kremer, Alyssa Oxley, Gabi Kustner, Claudia Borella and Matthew Day Perez, and has intensely studied the work of Klaus Moje. “For me, art is simply a way of seeing, feeling, and doing,” he said. “It is being open to all ideas.  It is part of everyone, whether expressed or unexpressed. And it is not reserved for the special, the few, or the privileged. My hope is that we, as a society, can help everyone understand their own artistic possibilities and encourage their expression.” Gruver’s most recent work uses line to express images and heat to express movement in mid-sized glass panels.  
  • Salsbury, Lisa
    Teaching Artist, SAFA Database Manager/Graphic Designer
    Lisa Salsbury has always had a love for arts and crafts.  She began making beaded jewelry, then wire and metal work and then metal clay, to which she became addicted.  She now works primarily in metal clay (silver, copper and bronze). Lisa is a largely self-taught artist, but has been fortunate enough to study under some very talented and wonderful metal clay artists, including Donna Penoyer, Patrik Kusek, Chris Darway, and Tim McCreight.   Lisa received PMC Certification through RioGrande in March of 2009. Lisa also works as Database Manager/Graphic Designer at Schoodic Arts for All.  Prior to working for Schoodic Arts for All, Lisa sold her jewelry under the name Willow and Me Jewelry.  Lisa continues to teach classes in beginner and intermediate metal clay through Schoodic Arts for All. While metal clay and enameling will always be her first love, Lisa also dabbles in many other areas, and loves to learn new techniques and media.  Other than metal clay, her favorite art forms are watercolor painting and hand-lettering.  She often uses both techniques to make greeting cards.
  • Schoodic Summer Chorus
    Community Group, Performer
    The Schoodic Summer Chorus is a multi-generational a cappella community chorus devoted to nurturing musicianship and community, in residence at Hammond Hall in Winter Harbor, Maine and sponsored by Schoodic Arts for All. Its members share a passion for singing beautiful, unusual, and challenging music. Directed by singer and composer Anna Dembska, the chorus welcomes anyone who loves to sing. Click here for more information on the 2022 Season and to join.
  • Shoemaker, Katie
    Teaching Artist
    Katie has been fermenting for over 10 years and enjoys making sauerkraut, kimchi, hot sauces, and other ferments. She also enjoys cooking from scratch, baking bread, including sourdough, and making cheese. She lives on the Schoodic Peninsula with her husband and 3 children on a small farm.
  • Singing Circle
    Community Group
    Every other Monday, the Singing Circle gets together at the Schoodic Arts for All Schoolhouse to sing songs from various genres. All voices welcome. Singing Circle is on hiatus until the spring. Singing Circle and Variable Winds held at the Schoodic Arts for All Schoolhouse, 23 Harbor Road, Winter Harbor.
  • Snarky Sisterz
    Veteran DC-based award-winning songwriters and performers Diana Quinn (Tru Fax & the Insaniacs, Honky Tonk Confidential, The Fabulettes) and Lisa Ann Wright (The Fabulettes) are the Snarky Sisterz! The duo offers an eclectic mix of clever originals and curated covers, with great harmonies and droll banter, and with a minimum of angst and ennui. Visit their website.
  • Summerer, Mike
    Teaching Artist
    Mike Summerer is an accomplished woodturner, having “made things round” on the wood lathe for over 25 years. Retired and living in Prospect Harbor, Maine, he produces small quantities of utility and art pieces, each of which begin on the lathe but may be modified in the finishing process. He teaches both introductory and more advanced woodturning in his studio for Schoodic Arts for All, throughout the year.
  • The Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers Erik and Brian Torbeck are 2/3 of the puppet troupe Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers.   Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers is a puppetry troupe based in Bar Harbor, Maine, and comprised of three siblings - brothers Erik and Brian Torbeck and sister Robin (Torbeck) Erlandsen.  Founded in 2000, Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers has performed at festivals, schools, libraries and theatres in the United States and Canada.   They write and create all the shows they perform and have received three Citations of Excellence from UNIMA-USA, the highest national award in puppetry.
  • Toy, Chris
    Teaching Artist
      Chris's Website Chris's YouTube Cooking Videos  
  • Trunzo, Sara
    ​SARA TRUNZO is a singer-songwriter and food system organizer. Her debut EP, Thanks Birdie, came out in 2017, followed by the LP, Dirigo Attitude, which reached #22 on the Folk Alliance International chart in 2019 and featured Darrell Scott and Mary Gauthier. The lead single “Food and Medicine” reached #3 on the FAI chart and won 1st prize at 2018 Maine Songwriters Association contest. Her third record, Cabin Fever Dream is out now. She is a co-founder of Veggies For All and Waldo County Bounty. Visit her website.​​ [embed][/embed]
  • Ukulele Club
    Community Group
    If you play the ukulele (or secretly wish you did), our community group is for you! We welcome all levels, from wannabe to Don Ho. Ukulele Club meets weekly at the Schoolhouse and is free to the public. For more information call 963-2569 or email Ukulele Club meets from 6 to 8pm on Thursday evenings. Ukin’ Do It! .
  • Valleau, Steven
    Teaching Artist  
  • Van Emmerik, Kara
    A graduate of Eastern Maine Community College’s Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management programs, Kara van Emmerik has poured passion and dedication into her 14 years in the food service industry. She has worked as the Sous Chef at El El Frijoles where she learned the appeal of small business management and local, from-scratch cookery. In 2015, she joined in opening Dudley’s Refresher as the Chef de Cuisine. Following her first season, Eater Maine named Kara “Maine Chef of the Year.” Following a handful of Head Chef positions, Kara expanded her skill set as the Pastry Chef of Aragosta at Goose Cove. Most recently, Kara spent the last seven years working in culinary arts education at Eastern Maine Community College. With recognition from Food and Wine magazine, Downeast magazine and Cooking Light magazine, as well as many local media fronts, Kara continues to share her passion for food and education with her home baking business, Honey & Lace Baking Co.  
  • Variable Winds
    Community Group
    Every other Monday, alternating with Singing Circle, Variable Winds members bring their whistles and play lively traditional music together. All whistles welcome, from flutes to recorders. Variable Winds Recorder Group is on hiatus until the spring. Singing Circle and Variable Winds held at the Schoodic Arts for All Schoolhouse, 23 Harbor Road, Winter Harbor.    
  • Ward, Gordon Thomas
    Gordon Thomas Ward is a GRAMMY-balloted, award-winning, singer-songwriter with three #1 charted songs and other compositions that have charted in the U.S. and abroad. He's worked with notable musicians such as Eric Troyer and Mik Kaminski (Electric Light Orchestra, ELO II, and The Orchestra), Abbie Gardner, and Jud Caswell, and he's shared the stage and billing with Natalie Merchant, Christine Lavin, and Bill Staines. Gordon is a storyteller whose songs occupy a space filled with honesty, imagery, and emotion. He will soon be releasing Whispers from the Woods, his fourth album. Matheson's Entertainment Blog says his music "Will grab you by the heart and never let go," and Vents Magazine calls his work, "In a word: liberating." Visit his website.
  • Winter Harbor Music Festival
    Visit their website
  • Woolf, Anna
    Teaching Artist, SAFA Program Development and Education Coordinator
    Anna’s newest work in barnacles was inspired by a visit to a summer restaurant on Schoodic Peninsula. There was a display of plates that had been brought up from the bottom of the ocean, every-day dishes from 100 or more years ago, covered in natural barnacles. There was a beauty in those plates and intrigue in the relation of everyday life both above and below the water that she is in the process of exploring. Anna is a passionate artist and great teacher.  Her teaching style takes you through key points in learning how to work with clay, while keeping both children and adults engaged in their creative side. Anna's Etsy Shop

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