Find Your Voice Posters (Virtual)

Find Your Voice Posters (Virtual)

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This workshop will be held on the Zoom platform. We will send you a Zoom for Beginners information sheet when you register.  

Students should have access to a computer/device with a camera and microphone and good internet service. 

We will be hosting a Virtual Festival Kick-Off Party where you are welcome to learn the platform and meet other participants.

Make a poster with paints and pencils that reflects your inner voice using words and images to create a visual expression of how you feel about current issues.


Pencils- all kinds
Pens- any kind you prefer
Colored pencils
Acrylic paint
Many different sized paint brushes but definitely get some very small ones- that is crucial for detail! I haven’t found a paint brush that is too small- ever.
Watercolor paper – I like a large piece and I prefer watercolor paper because it’s durable.
Optional would be a compass to make exactly circles or define exactly round areas for art.
Lots of images that inspire you and possibly fonts that you enjoy.


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