Plein Air Watercolor Painting (Virtual)

Plein Air Watercolor Painting (Virtual)

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This workshop will be held on the Zoom platform. We will send you a Zoom for Beginners information sheet when you register.  

Students should have access to a computer/device with a camera and microphone and good internet service. 

We will be hosting a Virtual Festival Kick-Off Party where you are welcome to learn the platform and meet other participants.

Learn the basics of painting ocean landscapes outside with watercolor paints with the goal of being confident enough to do so on your own.

This workshop will be presented through 3-5 demo videos ranging in length from 3-20 minutes, available upon registration.  Then we will use the afternoon of July 29 as a zoom meeting from 1-3 pmfor any interested students to share concerns. Students can also contact me if necessary through my e-mail anytime before or after July 29th.

Large container for water
Plenty of water
Paper towels or cotton rags

The following items can be purchased through Jerry’s Artarama or most art supplies stores for under $45
-Prang semi-moist 8-tab watercolor set (more than 8 tabs is confusing for the novice to understand color mixing)
-# 1 Round Princeton synthetic kolinsky sable
-# 10 Round Princeton synthetic kolinsky sable
-Any other soft hair brushes of various sizes and shapes are helpful, don’t necessarily need to be art brushes, can be make-up brushes or house painting brushes, as long as they are soft.
-Watercolor paper block at least 7 x10 in size


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