Almost all of us at one time or another, have come across art or an artist that makes us stop in our tracks and say “Wow!” It is the special power of art to instill wonder, insight, and enjoyment. Last summer, members of the Schoodic Arts for All Executive Board got together to see what they could do to support and encourage artistic and cultural growth and expression and they came up with the idea to give a total of $2000.00 a year to artist/artists who make us say “Wow!”

The Wow! award is a platform that empowers artists and our broader community to seek out, nurture, and implement artistic and cultural ideas. The award is not restricted in any way and therefore can be used for supplies, living expenses, tuition, or anything the recipient decides. There is no application procedure for this award as it is a Schoodic Arts for All Board choice.

For the first “Wow!” Award the Board has chosen Israel Fickett, a local artist, to receive $1000.00 from the fund. You can see Izzy’s art on his website

Choosing someone as dynamic as Israel can’t help but validate our mission.