Schoodic Arts for All Receives Award

Schoodic Arts for All Receives Award

Schoodic Arts for All received the Maine Office of Tourism award for Doweneast Acadia Regional Tourism 2015 Marketing and Cultural Event Promotion at a presentation event and conference at SERC last Friday.

The Schoodic Area Chamber of Commerce made the nomination with the following narrative;

Schoodic Arts for All was born in 1999 as a grassroots citizen’s group to address the economic impact on the town due to the closure of the Winter Harbor Navy base. The loss of $11.5 million dollars in payroll and another $9 million in losses to vendors of equipment, supplies, and services to the navy cut the population by half, leaving only 23 students in the school and 100 empty buildings in town.

Our task was to bring back life and vitality through increased visitation and economic opportunity. One answer was to hold a two-week arts festival. In a region with little industry, most of the people who live here are engaged in creative occupations. These include the visual arts, music, craft, writing, design, architecture, and organic agriculture.

After that first two-week festival, and following a two-year planning and data gathering process, one wish of the community that consistently surfaced was to provide increased “live arts” opportunities for participation and performance.


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